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‘Keep local elections truly local’

March 1, 2012

Cllr Hipkin comments: Local elections for the City Council take place in just over three months from now and already the political parties are ‘positioning’ themselves in an effort to woo voters.   The Lib-Dems tell us they have softened the government’s approach to public service reform and austerity.  Labour says the government has mishandled the economy and devastated the welfare state. And as for the Conservatives they believe David Cameron’s irresistible charisma will lead us on to the uplands of prosperity!

However, amid the welter of party propaganda on national politics what the parties hope we shall overlook is that the elections on May 3rd are local offering local people an opportunity to judge the performance of their local councillors.  Remember too that they are city elections, not county.  They are not about who’s in and who’s out at Westminster or Shire Hall nor are they a dummy run for the 2015 general election.  So I urge residents to keep their minds on issues such as the major developments planned on NIAB and University Farm and the impact they will have on residents, the growing traffic overload on the city’s roads, the protection of local streets and buildings from hasty and careless development such as what was proposed for the Texaco site, the maintenance of local roads and footpaths and the ongoing support for community activities such as those at Mayfield School and St Augustine’s.

Finally, at local elections we get the chance to elect people who live in the ward, who know its residents, who have worked hard to advance their collective interests and to look after individuals baffled or frustrated by the workings of the City Council.  So let’s look forward to the May election but let’s not forget what it is truly about!