John Hipkin’s priorities

• Protecting Cambridge: from excessive and shoddy growth.
• Watching out for Castle. I want to make sure the University and NIAB schemes
bring real benefits to existing and future residents
• Helping residents’ groups & associations take full advantage of the new localism
• Making top quality developments, like Accordia, the norm rather than the exception
• Protecting green open spaces, such as sports and recreation grounds, from
• Pressing for more social housing to help the thousands on the needs register. But
insisting that affordable housing should be of the same quality as market housing
• Better bus services for those living in the city as well as for those commuting in
• The Cambridge Cycling Campaign and the completion of the Chisholm Trail
• Homelessness charities, such as Wintercomfort for the Homeless, at a time of real
crisis for those living rough or in poor accommodation
• Citizens’ Advice Bureau, busier than ever helping with debt and housing problems
• Cleaner Cambridge Campaign doing its bit to keep Cambridge streets and the Cam
• Cambridge Past present and Future, a vigilant environmental campaigning group
• Cambridge Retrofit, an iconic and innovative project using Cambridge to set the
template for energy demand and carbon reduction in communities throughout the UK
• Access restrictions to traffic in more areas of the city centre, other than public
transport, and emergency and disability vehicles
“A selection of causes I will speak up for and support in the Council.”

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