It’s Decision Time for Castle

What should you consider in making your decision?

This is a local election. The time for registering support or opposition to the government will be at the next general election. Don’t let this election be hijacked by national party politics. There are too many serious local issues at stake. Local government needs more community councillors: people who live in the ward, have lived there long enough to know what the local issues are, and who are committed to the long-term welfare of fellow residents. Castle is facing greater development challenges than any other part of the city. NIAB and the University scheme will bring in up to 15000 new residents. Northstowe,
Waterbeach and an enlarged Cambourne will also impact on our side of the city. To
tackle change on this scale we need councillors who understand the planning process
and can use it to protect all that makes Castle a pleasant community to live in.
‘Localism’ must mean giving neighbourhood groups a greater say over local planning
issues, anti-crime measures, the cleanliness of public spaces and such amenities as
parks and recreation grounds. Localism must not be exploited by developers pushing
profit-driven ‘local plans’ which lack community support. A careful watch must be kept
on how the new ‘presumption in favour of development’ works out in practice.
The next four years will be hard ones for local councils. So we cannot justify spending
scarce resources on council self-promotional ‘publicity’, ‘clubby’ area committees, skyhigh
top officer salaries and inflated executive councillors’ allowances. Any spare cash
should go to bodies like Citizens Advice Bureaux and homelessness charities.

Having thought about it what should you decide?



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