Castle to declare its Independence on May 3rd

John’s Eve of Poll Message:

‘You can spoil a city by bulldozing its historic buildings but you can also
ruin it by over-rapid and careless expansion. If we don’t resist the
government’s ‘presumption in favour of development’, the volume
developers’ insatiable appetite for profit, and the main political parties’ love
affair with growth, Cambridge could almost double in size within a
generation. If that happens I fear the results will be a shapeless and
sprawling city, unbearable strains upon an already inadequate
infrastructure and suffocation of the city’s historic centre. Of course
Cambridge must take its share of new housing, especially affordable
housing, but not at the expense of the unique character of this still lovely
John’s message to Castle voters has been warmly received. ‘I have personally called on
well over 1000 voters since my campaign began’, John says, ‘and the reception I am
getting is truly encouraging. People are fed up with fruitless arguments between party
politicians. The challenges facing Cambridge are far too important to be the subject of
inter-party bickering. Councillors should see themselves as community representatives
and not as servants of a party. The crucial question for voters is: Will the city benefit
from having a strong Independent voice within a council dominated by party
politicians? I think the answer to that question must be a resounding YES!’
‘The party politicians have tried to characterise me as a maverick, but on every
issue that I have spoken out on, including the over-ambitious expansion plans for
the city, the impact of massive developments upon Castle communities, the need
for more family housing and for a cleaner and prouder city centre, I have had the
support of residents. I shall go on speaking out for the things that matter to local
people. Please help to make that possible on May 3rd.

Give John your support on May 3rd by voting Independent



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