A Mini-Manifesto for May 5th

A friend recently asked me what I would stand for when seeking re-election on May 3rd.  Well here are a few of the policies I favour:

1. The quality of Cambridge is more important than the growth of
Cambridge so there needs to be larger emphasis on good design and sustainability.
2.  A unified authority to run Cambridge and its surrounding
sub-region so that we can plan the development of the region
3. Development and infrastructure are interdependent so no development
without assurances of commensurate infrastructure.
4.  An elected Mayor to give the enlarged city the leadership and
dynamism it needs (not a self-serving job description!)
5.  More Independent councillors.  Unchecked party politics is an
impediment to good government at local level.
6.  A better exploitation of Council property assets.  Turn the
Guildhall into a five star hotel, for example.
7.  More family dwellings; a lower proportion of one and two bedroom flats.
8.  Strengthen neighbourhood groups and residents’ associations.  Give
them support and money to run services such as parks currently
managed by the City Council.
9.  Keep the city centre cleaner and better managed for the benefit of
all.  Commercial interests are not the only ones that matter.  Curb
punt touting and public space grabbing by eateries and shops.
10.  Rebrand Cambridge as a high calibre tourist destination.


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