The Future for Cambridge is Now



What kind of a place do you want Cambridge to be twenty years from now? Much as it is today or as it was at some point in the past?  The greenest city in the UK?  A busy, bustling, lively metropolis in the making?  A powerful engine of the UK economy?   A museum city like Venice?  So many possible visions of what its future shape, scale and character might be and the time is fast approaching when the dreaming has to stop and the realistic forward planning must begin.


How often do you hear questions like  ‘How did that ever get planning permission?’ or ‘When are they going to sort out the traffic?’ or ‘Why are they cramming so much into the city?’ and the point at which these questions are asked is often too late since the planning policies governing such issues were decided years before and are embodied in the Local Plan which is a legally binding account of how the city will be allowed and encouraged to develop during the Plan’s lifespan.


Councillors are already thinking seriously about the whole range of issues and options which Cambridge confronts and which, once considered and adopted, will collectively constitute the city’s Local Plan for the next twenty years. And in 2012 the Council will begin a series of public events designed to engage the wider public in the discussion of Cambridge’s future.  I want to encourage you to reflect on what is at stake as the new Local Plan comes into being and to express your views on what needs doing to safeguard Cambridge’s future.

The timetable for the completion of the Cambridge Local Plan is set out below:

Stage Dates
Preparation and completion of evidence base Spring 2011–June 2012
Issues and options consultation June–July 2012
Draft submission plan consultation February–April 2013
Submission July 2013
Examination November 2013–January 2014
Adoption April 2014

For more detailed information about the Cambridge Local Plan see committee report item 11/20/DPSSC.



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